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I got my start with animals when I was a baby, circa 1973 with Baron Von Freckle, our family's beautiful and amazingly patient (with me) Dalmation. I learned how to count on his spots, he was my constant companion, and he instilled in me a lifelong love and connection to all animals that would determine the kind of person I'd become. I wanted to understand what animals felt, thought and how they learned. I started Puppy Love, LLC as a pet care service- for dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, fish, rodents and reptiles. I became a certified professional dog trainer and behavior counselor in 2005, with a mission to replace force-based training with humane, scientifically supported, positive methods of training and addressing behavior problems in our companion animals.


This is truly an exciting time in the world of animal behavior and training. We have learned more in the last 10 years than we've known for the past century about dogs’ abilities, social intelligence and cognition. This compelling research supports what many dog lovers have known in their hearts all along- that being kind and loving pet parents rather than fighting an imaginary battle to be the "alpha" is a far more effective way to train our canine companions, and much more rewarding for us all. Whether you're a new puppy parent, have a kitty with litterbox issues, aggression, a dog with separation anxiety, on-leash reactivity or inter-pet conflicts, I can help you sort it all out. I look forward to meeting you, no matter where you are!    

Meet Christine

Christine Pazdalski is a certified animal behaviorist and professional dog trainer, owner of Puppy Love, LLC, and founder of

She has been training pets and their people in the Philadelphia suburbs and throughout Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware counties for over 20 years.

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