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Animal behavior can be mysterious. Our dogs and cats sometimes develop habits that range from frustrating to destructive, to potentially dangerous, and may seem to come out of nowhere. There are so many factors that can contribute to changes in our pets' behavior. Connect at your convenience with The Pet Behaviorist online! We'll review your pet's health history, routines and all the details needed to create a customized behavior modification plan for your pet.

Click here to schedule an online consultation with pet behavior specialist Christine Pazdalski, UW-ABB, CPDT-KA


Our positive in-home dog training programs are for puppies and dogs of all ages! We will combine your training goals with your dog's natural attributes and temperament. Our day training packages are designed with busy pet parents in mind with programs to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

Choose the perfect training plan for you and your pup!


Are you a pet parent struggling with a shy or over-reactive dog, a litterbox-challenged cat, or a pet who can't bear to be alone? Reactivity, isolation distress and other anxiety-based behavior issues are widespread in today's pet population Unfortunately much of the advice found on the internet is far from helpful, and can instead make these situations worse.  

All of our behavior and training sessions are conducted by highly experienced, certified fear-free pet professionals. Find out more...

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