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Oh, you already got one?

So you’ve had your puppy for a few days, weeks or maybe months, but things aren’t quite going according to plan? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t panic! This happens to lots of puppy parents. It’s never too early or too late to get your pup on the right track to success – whether housetraining (h, mouthing/biting, jumping, greeting guests, obedience, household manners, and preventing common puppy behaviors like play biting, jumping and demand barking from becoming habits.

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Ready to become a puppy parent?

You’ve decided it’s time to take the puppy plunge! We can help get you ready for the arrival of your new bundle of fluffy joy. We’ll help get your place puppy-proofed, make sure you have all the necessities, a successful housetraining training routine, and all the guidance you’ll need.   $210


Day Training Programs:

What is Day Training? Day Training is when we arrive at your home in the middle of the day (usually while you are away at work) and conduct a training session for your dog(s) without disrupting their routines. At Attention Dog Training is now offering a day training program to our clients where your dog can receive the highest quality of modern dog training for busy working professionals in our area. Don’t stress over needing to schedule appointments with us when we can arrive in your home in the middle of the day, conduct the training session, and then follow up with you later through the use of modern technology.


Our Day Training programs will require a B.A.S.E. session to evaluate if your dog is a good candidate for our program.  If you would like to get started in scheduling your B.A.S.E. session, please click HERE. 

*We can only provide this service to clients within 8 miles of King of Prussia, PA.

3 Week Obedience Training Program

Make your dog an expert listener!

  • 6 Training Sessions in your home (middle of the day), two visits per week.

  • Two (2) In-home Private Training session located in your home after the training is complete

  • Obedience cue’s for your dog to learn like sit, down, stay, come when called, place, etc. (we will review your needs at your B.A.S.E session)

  • Instructional Videos of the training sessions for you to watch, learn, and practice with your dog.

  • Potty break and meals included

  • Post-training educational handouts and email support

  • Price: $1199 ($1300 Value)


*Prices subject to change and travel fees may apply if outside our 10 mile service radius


Reactive Dog Training Program

Help your dog not react poorly to other dogs on walks!

  • 4 Training Sessions in your home (middle of the day), just the trainer and your dog

  • Three (3) In-home Private Training session with you and located in your home after the training is complete.

  • 2 Handlers and a Live decoy dog will be used during some of the sessions.

  • Video updates as your dog becomes progresses through the program.

  • Potty break and meals included

  • Post-training educational handouts and email support

  • Your dog will be less reactive with other dogs on walks!

  • Price: $1599 ($1800 Value)


*Prices subject to change and travel fees may apply if outside our 10 mile service radius

Pick the perfect training package for your pup to fit your training goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Perfect Puppy Foundation

(8 weeks - 4 months)

Puppies are learning sponges in their first 16 weeks of life. What happens during this super-sensitive period of development can set them up for success, or cause troubles later on. Successful socialization requires positive experiences with a variety of new situations, people, places, and things. This is also prime time for learning focus, attention and impulse control skills including Come When Called (recall), Look and Touch (redirection cues) and Leave it.

Puppy Basic Training Package

(ages 5 months - 9 months are eligible)

Don’t miss out on our puppy program! The Puppy Basic Training Package is designed for puppies ages 8 weeks to 9 mos*. This program is a 1-on-1 training package that will get your puppy caught up to speed on everything they would have missed from our highly reviewed BootCamp program.  If you missed Puppy BootCamp, you are eligible to attend our Advanced Training Camp Program after completion of the Puppy Basic Training Package! * This package is not for behavior modification such as leash reactivity.  Your trainer will evaluate whether this package is the right fit.

The Puppy Basic Training Package includes:

  • 5 private sessions in your home.

  • Basic commands, socialization, manners, and greetings (skills that set your puppy up for life)

  • Certificate upon completion of the course for your puppy.

  • Post-Training Email Support and Educational Handouts

  • Price On-Site: $659 ($770 Value)

  • Price In-Home: $775 ($900 Value)


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