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Now you can connect with a pet behavior expert from anywhere in the world with phone or online video chat sessions.  

Pet Behavior Consulting
available in-home, by phone and online

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  • Ease any pre-puppy jitters with a puppy prep session. We’ll review what you need (and what you don’t) for your new addition!

  • Successful socialization, peaceful pet introductions, welcoming a rescue pet ​

  • Cat behavior issues- fear, aggression, reactivity, inappropriate elimination

  • Separation anxiety, isolation distress, aggressive behavior, resource guarding, and other anxiety-based issues


  • Common dog behaviors like jumping, pulling on leash, excessive barking, chewing, digging.​​

  • ​Litterbox misfires, housetraining setbacks

  • There is no one-approach-fits-all solution. Each animal is unique, so each behavior plan is unique. There are situations that may require veterinary intervention, such as severe anxiety, aggression or health-related behavior problems. In such cases I will work with you and your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist to ensure the best outcome.

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Meet with a certified animal behavior consultant for immediate recommendations, customized behavior modification plans and ongoing support.

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