Our day training programs are the most convenient, effective and efficient way to train dogs of any age! We do the training for you, in fun one-on-one lessons with your furbaby, Then we review how to maintain and reinforce these new skills in our transition sessions.

Step 1

Training Consultation & Behavior Assessment 

Better manners? Polite greetings? Walking nicely on leash?



We'll review your training goals and pick the perfect program.


Day Training Packages 

Essential Skills

Come When Called, Watch Me, Touch, Four on the Floor, Leave it

These are core skills every canine should have under his collar and can be used in countless real-life situations

What's Included?

3 private day training sessions 

1 transition session,

training treats and materials, lesson review videos and educational handouts

Cost $495


Dalmatian Dog

For All Major Home Appliances



Pick the Perfect Training Package for Your Pup to fit your training goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Perfect Puppy Foundation

(8 weeks - 4 months)

Puppies are learning sponges in their first 16 weeks of life. 

What happens during this super-sensitive period of development can set them up for success, or cause troubles later on. Successful socialization requires positive experiences with new people, places, and things. This is also prime time for learning basic attention and impulse control skills, and

preventing common puppy behaviors like play biting, jumping and demand barking from becoming habits.

The fundamental "4 core" skills every dog needs to know: Come When Called (recall), Look and Touch (redirection cues) and Leave it.