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It's Dog Training. Only Smarter.


Puppy Love Positive Dog Training is based on the science of animal behavior, learning and cognition, as well as the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement. Positive training combines learning with all the things your particular dog enjoys most: play, games, attention, treats, praise, and always unconditional love!

What’s covered in our training sessions?

  • Basic obedience skills

  • Puppy prep & adoption counseling 

  • Good household manners: door greetings, no jumping

  • Polite leash walking, resolving reactivity

  • Problem solving: chewing, digging, excessive barking

  • Puppy training/socialization

  • Anxiety/aggression issues

Puppy Love Training

Our methods never involve the use of force or fear.

Puppy Love vs

Dominance Dogma

Pet parents are flooded with all kinds of information, especially online. Some of it good, but a lot of what you'll find are popular myths, outdated ideas and even dangerous advice. The terms “alpha” and “dominant,” are frequently misused to describe dogs who aren’t behaving the way we would like. The emphasis on dominance and submission of dogs living with their human families vastly over-simplifies canine behavior and learning. Sadly, this approach can lead people to misinterpret their dogs’ unwanted behavior as dominance or aggression, when in fact the “bad behavior” is more commonly rooted in fear, confusion, anxiety, or boredom. 

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