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Ready to become a puppy parent?

You’ve decided it’s time to take the puppy plunge! We can help get you ready for the arrival of your new bundle of fluffy joy. We’ll help get your place puppy-proofed, make sure you have all the necessities, a successful housetraining training routine, and all the guidance you’ll need.   $210

Pick the perfect training package for your pup to fit your training goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Perfect Puppy Foundation

(8 weeks - 4 months)

Puppies are learning sponges in their first 16 weeks of life. What happens during this super-sensitive period of development can set them up for success, or cause troubles later on. Successful socialization requires positive experiences with a variety of new situations, people, places, and things. This is also prime time for learning focus, attention and impulse control skills including Come When Called (recall), Look and Touch (redirection cues) and Leave it.

Oh, you already got one?

So you’ve had your puppy for a few days, weeks or maybe months, but things aren’t quite going according to plan? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t panic! This happens to lots of puppy parents. It’s never too early or too late to get your pup on the right track to success – whether housetraining (h, mouthing/biting, jumping, greeting guests, obedience, household manners, and preventing common puppy behaviors like play biting, jumping and demand barking from becoming habits.

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