Taking the dog for a walk

Reactivity Rehab Day Training: 6 week program

How does it work?

Fear-free certified professional trainer works directly with your dog with daytime sessions to teach and reinforce redirection and focus cues. New, positive associations are formed with counter-conditioning exercises which change your dog's emotional response to triggers. 

3 weekday sessions per week for 2 weeks 

2 transition sessions: 1 per week with you, your dog & trainer to practice new skills while ensuring your dog remains under threshold. We progress at a pace which keeps your dog successful.

Our last sessions with training assistant and decoy dog (60 mins)

What's included: 10 sessions, 3 months email support, educational handouts/ lesson reviews and example videos, training treats & materials including Blue 9  Balance Harness.

Cost: $2,150

 Dogs can become over-reactive for a variety of reasons. Some are what we call frustrated greeters - some may whine or bark in anticipation of meeting other dogs or people. Others may lunge or behave more aggressively toward particular triggers. Reactivity often becomes more intense over time, making walks potentially unsafe for you and others. This is an extremely common problem called "on-leash reactivity." Our Reactivity Rehab program is recommended for dogs of any age with on-leash reactivity. We'll teach your dog positive replacement behaviors while desensitizing him to triggers, so you'll both be able to enjoy your walks to the fullest!