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"One of the best decisions I ever made for my two little rescue puppies was enrolling them in training sessions with Christine. Soon after I adopted them, the three of us moved into a new home. Christine helped us through the process of adjusting to a lot of big changes. She taught the pups the basics and has helped me create the best possible home for them. Training sessions are effective and loads of fun. I look forward to our sessions as much as the pups do. Christine is kind and compassionate and always has the best interests of the pups at heart. It's obvious that she cares very deeply about animals and treats my pups as if they were her own. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

"Incredible job."
"Changing my 6 y/o abused pit bull/mastiff into a confident service dog (in training) in less than one year. You gave us the tools and the homework. We followed through each day, created a schedule, and our insecure boy developed confidence and that confidence turned into a very trainable boy. We absolutely loved how personable Christine was and that has made her a person we cherish, now.
I don't know what others charge to help behavior problems but we found her pricing very fair for all of the work we needed.
I have verbally recommended Christine to anyone looking for help so now, I'm putting it in writing. Christine, Joe and I are incredibly thankful and eternally grateful for what you have helped Mokey accomplish. Your techniques of positive reinforcement worked flawlessly with the way we raised our boy and it has helped Mokey so much more than I have expressed."

- Nikki Casalena, Whittset, NC

"I have been working with Christine and Sarah for 5 months now. I have 2 Brussels Griffon females that bark incessantly! They have worked with my husband and I to minimize the barking with positive reinforcement. We have seen a HUGE improvement in our babies. I went into the training thinking there was no help for my oldest female who came from a hostile living situation prior to living with my husband and I and she has improved drastically. Our family members can not even believe she is still the same dog.
Additionally we recently got a new puppy (same breed, a male) that we have been working with Christine and Sarah with to ensure he does not adapt any of the poor behaviors we are working on my other 2 dogs with. They have been beyond wonderful and my dogs adore them! This is a huge considering my oldest female doesn’t like anyone! I would highly recommend these ladies! When we got our new puppy my husband and I were literally like we are so grateful we have Christine and Sarah to help us! They have changed our entire way of thinking about how to react to a dogs behavior. I strongly believe my pups are living a happier and more fulfilled life thanks to the work we have done with these ladies!

-Melanie Ford, Phoenixville, PA 

- Britanny Schuck, Spring City, PA  

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