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What is Day Training?

Puppy Love Day Training Programs offer the most convenient and effective ways to train your puppy or dog. We accomplish more training in less time by working one-on-one directly with your dog or puppy, then we’ll show you how to reinforce and maintain new skills and great behaviors during our transition sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

What’s covered in our training sessions?

• essential skills: come when called, look, touch, stop, sit, down, stay, leave It, drop it

• household manners: door greetings, no jumping, go to your spot, back-up 

• puppy training: successful socializing, house-training, bite inhibition

• separation anxiety, isolation distress, reactivity, aggression issues

• problem solving: chewing, digging, excessive barking

• walking politely on a loose leash  

1. Schedule your in-home training consultation & goal assessment.

2. Fear-free certified professional trainers do the training, with  fun-filled, weekday sessions your dog will love! 

3. Enjoy your dog's new skills and good manners. Our transition lessons will show you how to keep the great behaviors going!

Essential Skills

Come When Called, Watch Me, Touch, Four on the Floor and Leave it.

These are core skills every canine should have under his collar and can be used in countless real-life situations​

3 private day training sessions 

1 transition session,

training treats and materials, lesson review videos and educational handouts

Cost $495

Good Manners & More


We'll advance beyond the basics and add impulse-control skills including Quiet, Touch, Sit, Stay, Leave It/Drop, Walk on a Loose-Leash. 

7 individual training sessions + 2 family/transfer sessions + 1 follow up session

All training treats, materials, videos and lesson reviews are included in your package.


Sessions are typically scheduled over the course of 3-4 weeks.


Cost: $1,200

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